La Caixa Verda: the strength of the small things


La Caixa Verda La Caixa Verda: the strength of the small.

Our philosophy is that waste does not exist. It is based on the principles of the stream "cradle to cradle", a new way of interpreting the ecology which aims to achieve eco-effectiveness: not only is this not harmful to nature but our actions actually benefit the environment. One way to understand the business enviromentally friendly and inscribed in the economy for the common good.

La Caixa Verda La Caixa Verda activates these principle in two main ways: firstly by training and preparing society through creative recycling workshops and activities, secondly by the commercialization of handmade ecodesign articles created by ourselves. We call this Ecoducació Creativa (creative Eco-ducation) & Upcycle Arts