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Halloween / Carnestoltes (Carnival)

Los disfraces más terroríficos y locos Si hay dos épocas divertidas en el año son Halloween y Carnavales. En estos monográficos fabricaremos con nuestras manos los disfraces más locos. Nuestros alumnos se convertirán en lo que ellos quieran al tiempo que reciclan y aprenden sobre el medio ambiente.
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The most terrifying and crazy costumes

If there are two funny times in the year are Halloween and Carnival. In this monographic we'll make costumes with our hands. Our students will become whatever they want while learning about recycling and the environment.

technical information

  • Age: from 6 years (consult)
  • Materials: included
  • Recommended duration: 1-4 sessions
  • Session Duration: 1h 30min
  • Assembling and dismantling time: 45min

technical requirements

  • Nº monitors: Nº students based
  • Large tables and chairs
  • Tents (outside in the sun)
  • Power next
  • Access to download next
  • Point next water
  • Van Parking
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